Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenge

Well, tomorrow wraps up the third week of the challenge. Or is it the fourth week? Ah, whatever. Anyways, did anyone drive to work this week? Who owes me a beer? Tomorrow night at Yia Yia's around 6 is pay up time.

I'm happy to report that Maggie has officially joined the challenge. Sorry Maggie, I didn't realize you were in. So now we're up to 13 riders. So if you don't ride, you owe a 12 pack of beer.

I've got a little homework for all the Summer Commuting Challengers. I need you to send me some info. Gonna do some profiles. I need the following info.

Distance of daily commute
Average commuting miles per week
Estimation of gas saved per week (yes, this involves math.)
Primary commuting bike
A pic of yourself commuting by bike
An interesting story about your commute (anything goes)
Cycling aspirations

Please send this info to my email address at


3p0 said...

8 miles to work
15-20 bucks in gas
the dark side. 29er monkey
ffl for pics
I've had squirels make it through my spokes...
coast to coast one day man..

obanta said...

4.25 one way
42.5 miles
~$10 or ~$3 (Tundra vs. FZ1)
Pictures already sent

When I first started commuting last year and got clipless pedals/shoes for the first time, I lost my balance while rotating the bike 90 degrees at the stop light at 70th and Old Cheney (SW corner, before they redid it) and fell over in rush hour traffic on the street corner. My clipped in foot was stuck underneath the bike and I had a heck of a time getting enough rotation to get released. Therapy is going well...

To be determined.

mw said...

4 miles or so.
20-40 miles a week for work purposes.
dunno on gas savings.
trek 8000 fenders flat peds.
i've crashed hard on a few commutes. once involving broken eye glasses and a trip to the e room to stich up my chin.
i love commuting in the rain as we've discussed...the looks from the car drivers is the best.

gravy said...

6 miles
60 miles
I don't really drive so I'm not really saving money I guess.
'91 RockHopper with the hot pink stencilling
No pictures please
I like to say "hello" to the black squirrels in Antelope Park. The red/brown ones are crazy though. I think they are Hezbollah squirrels cuz they're always running at my wheels like a suicide bomber. Real squirrely, those squirrels... Oh crap. CVO already claimed that topic.
Someday to get the citizens of Lincoln to not stop in cross walks along the bike trails.

MG said...

Name: MG

Distance of daily commute: 14 miles (3.5 miles, 4x/day)
Avg. commuting miles/week: 60-80 miles/week for work purposes
Est. of gas saved/week: 3-4 gallons, or roughly $9-$12.
Primary commuting bike: 1991 Specialized Epic road bike, singlespeed with big tires (32c Bontrager cx tire/front; 28c Michelin/rear).
Pic: I'll email it to you.
Story: On the days I don't need to ride home to care for pets over lunch, I like to grab an Oso burrito and pedal over to Antelope Park to eat it. It's a great way to spend an hour, yet I never do it when I drive to work...
Cycling aspirations: To be very good at having fun on my bike. I feel that the best way I can serve as an advocate for the sport of cycling is by freely showing others how I love bicycles and the sport, and make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to experience the joy of cycling for themselves.

MG said...

btw... who's buyin' tonight?

Jake said...

i would join this group of commuters, but im currently working in omaha this month, so... a 45-mile commute just doesn't sound like fun to me.

i should be back at our offices in lincoln again at the end of the month, so who knows, maybe i'll commute then ... but carrying luggage is going to be awfully hard. lol

Emily said...

can't you dorks follow directions?

Anonymous said...

Haw Haw!

Cornbread said...

Well, it looks like posting in the comments section has taken the surprise out of the profiles. :)

Gravy! You're in too! Up to 14 now. Have I missed anyone else?

Jake, you should do it. Ninety miles of commuting per day would make you really fast.

Jake said...

fast... and CRAZY!!!

Chris said...

Hey, anyone mind if I join in with this summer commute challenge???

Name: Chris
Distance: 4-6mi round trip to work x3, plus short trips around town on my days off.
I suppose I save around 1-2 gallons of gas per week. So 3-6 bucks.
Bike: I commute on the same bike you will see me on all the time. A 2006 green Redline SS 29er. My other two bikes need parts.
Story: Ummm, well I suppose it would be meeting cool people on the trails around Lincoln when commuting and tooling around on my days off.
Cycling Aspirations: To continue having fun riding until I am old and grey. Oh, and I suppose I would be interested in some of the endurance stuff much like Butch mentioned in his post.

Peace out.

Cornbread said...

Hey Chris! Sorry, it took so long to reply. I don't check old stuff very well. Sure, you can join thet challenge. Do you know all the rules?