Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Headin' to Leadville here in a bit. Driving thru the night tonight and riding half the course tomorrow morning. Hopefully beat the rain. Thursday we finish the second half and then head home. Quick trip. Should be a lot of fun.

So who's doin' what this weekend? Omaha Metro Swanson and Landahl are goin' down. Bacon Ride on Sunday?


VeloCC said...

I am going to Landahl.

MOD said...

Damn bro, Leadville pre-ride? That's F#@$ing EPIC!

Helping people race bikes all weekend long, don't you know. Hopefully we'll get some new recruits for the Psycow races.

After this weekend it's on to Manawa! flat and fast. the faster you go the techier it gets. Love it!

Have fun on the tree line!

Jake said...

great pic. lmao!

gjc said...

Hey, bring back pics and stories. Sounds like a great trip.