Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenger - Regina

Name: Regina

Distance of daily commute: 20 miles

Average commuting miles per week: 100 miles

Estimation of gas saved per week:

Daily gas savings is $2.50 dollars, weekly gas savings $12.50 dollars, monthly gas savings would be $50.00, and yearly gas savings would be $650.00

Interesting commuting story:

An old lady yelled at me because she thought I did not call on your left but I had so I stood up to her, and I said I did call out. That's right I talked back to a senior citizen who was gabbing so loud she did not hear me, cuz I am tough. Keep that in mind. Oh yea that's not the best one though, I just remembered the time I was cutting down 33rd to skip the wind beating me, and I ran into this little kid, I want you to know he talked me into leading him all the way to woods pool, I walked with this kid from holderedge to woods pool. I still do not know how this happened but it took me two hours to get home that night, he was 10, and out there on his own, and even though I was scared to do it I was scared to not also. But that was just the craziest thing. Calvin, you meet a little kid named Calvin out there pedal away quick he will talk you into something if you do not.

Cycling aspirations :

When I grow up I want to be a real randonneur instead of paying people to schlub my stuff along for me. And be in Butch's Randonneuring club and ride to Valentine, and not be the slowest one. Even though it is not a race.

No more payouts at the TNMWR please.


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