Sunday, June 03, 2007

KC Cup Landahl Park Sunday June 3, 2007

Gettin' ready. This is some serious bizness.


Good turn out again. These races are really well done. Highly recommend any of the Heartland Race events.

Line 'em up!

You know who you are.

I believe this guy won it. He had the lead the entire race.

Rain had left the course a bit muddy. Majority of the mud was at the first quarter of the course (or so I'm told).

This way.

One of the muddier sections on the course. It kept getting worse every lap. Stood there for most of the race and only saw one sliding fall. Everyone else remained vertical.

Damon rockin' the SS 29er.

Martin runnin' a muddy section.

The finish for C-VO.

The Dark Side, dirty.

Is Emily tough? Anyone that crashes before a race and busts off their right shifting pod, zip ties it to the handlebar, finishes the race on the podium, and is also attacked by a bobcat is definitely tough in my book.

Good ole zip ties. Thanks Rob!

Close up of the bobcat claw attack wounds.

hit the podium twice this weekend. Fuckin' sweet. Beer is good for you kids!

kicked ass today for the win in the SS category. Lansen also had a strong day finishing second (consecutive podium days for him as well). Nicely done gentlemen.

Emily took home some hardware. Christine also won her race (no pic available). Congrats ladies!

Martin hit the podium. Lot's of Nebraskans up there all day. Gotta love that. Nebraska represent! Oh yeah!

Troy taking home his first place booty.

T-bone's ride after the race. Pretty fookin' muddy.

Big arss windmill prop. Passed several of these on the way home. Damn sketchy. Those things were bouncin' pretty good.

Clean up of Troy's bike in Omaha. I offered to pee on CVO's bike, but he declined.


Endurosnob said...

Did you decide to give the knees a rest?

Cornbread said...

Yeah, didn't take a bike with me. It was tough.

Martin said...

Great photos!

Great Commentary!


VeloCC said...

Corey, always nice to see you:) Thanks for all the great pics and comments. You are a good writer!