Monday, June 25, 2007

"It's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes...."

Raced Ponca this weekend and got ridden into the ground by CVO. Congrats dude. I'm proud of you. The folks at Sioux City Velo put on a great race. Lot's of climbing.

Weekend of firsts. Steph, did her first race. Amy came all the way from Gothenburg to crash at D street and follow the posse up and race. CVO had a mohawk. Syd came in first (no, not her first or last win). Dave rocked a FS SS. I vomited a lot. Good times, good times.


3p0 said...

dude, if i ever even felt like puking on my bike, it would be game over... unless it was cuz I was drunk.. and er well. if it was cuz it was hot, and I felt bad. it would be game over..

your one tuff son of a bitch dude..riding like that through that..

Davey Boy said...

You,CVO, and MG blew by me so fast I didnt have time to grab on for a tow.
Pukin', cramping, flatting, crashing, more puking...Ponca had sumthin' for everyone.

Cornbread said...

It sure was epic.

Jake said...

im drunk, patron is in control.

MG said...

yeah that was fun. sorry you weren't feeling good cornbread. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. it's a bummer when you don't...

you probably won't read this before you toe the line at leadville, but GOOD LUCK! i hope it goes better for you. from my experience, when you have a bad race, the race following the off race will be awesome. you had a bad race at ponca, so you should be all set to ROCK leadville. i hope that's what happens.


btw - thanks for the kind words dave, but you were going plenty fast. way faster than the average rider, in my estimation. for your first race in a decade, and given the fact that you were on a F/S SS, you did really good.