Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dust off that Crown Jewel you schmuck

Been thinking about bustin' out the road bike. It's been neglected for quite some time. Pretty pathetic to have a IF Ti CJ just sittin' on my trainer in the living room collecting dust. I even got a fancy schmancy power tap hub on the back.

Got into riding on the road for a bit a couple of years ago. It's a great way to get low impact miles in. Plus you can work on the sweet farmer's tan....I'm hoping to have the best/worst farmer's tan in Lincoln.

I did my last road race two years ago and didn't have a great experience. On the final lap of the Cat 4 race around Branched Oak, some dip-shit bunny hopped a large branch that had somehow gotten on the road. Well, after he bunny hopped the branch the next two riders ran it over and kicked it up into me. It bounced off my leg and went into my rear der and nearly my rear wheel. Everyone scattered around me in anticipation of a crash that never happened. Somehow I was able to stop without going down. I got dropped trying to get the branch out and had to bridge back up by myself. Not fun. Fuck that shit.

So tomorrow, I'm gonna roll that bad daddy to work and hit Hwy 2. I say this now, but I'll probably wake up and say fuck it and just ride in on fat tires.

Guess I need to shave my legs...


obanta said...

Can't wait to see the 'other' IF at work. I'm anxious to do more roadie riding as well. Actually more riding in general would be good. I need to work up the courage to join you guys on a ride sometime so I can eat plenty of everyone else's dust. :)

Check out, it was the start of my farmer's tan for the summer. (Is there a better way to reference an image in a comment? I tried IMG SRC and it griped at me.)

scott showen said...

roadie fag.

sydney_b said...

I think some smooth legs would look pretty good on ya and you should definitely stop wasting a wonderful bike. BUT... you don't have a chance at beating my extra cool jersey tan.

Cornbread said...

Oliver, that farmer's tan is wicked. You've got a good start.

Showen, you're such a roadiephobe. Try it, you may like it. Going fast is fun.

Syd, maybe we could start another challenge...just as long as I don't have to arm wrestle ya. :)

the inebriationist said...

Smack you up side the head to allow such a nice ride collect dust!

By the way, great job at Lumberjack!

T-bone said...

Yea Scott, why are you such a roadiephobe? Tell us what really happened...

Cornbread is right, going fast is fun:)

3p0 said...

er, what happended man, saw that thing sittin in the living room this am... I almost throught about taking it myself since you didn't...

Cornbread said...

Dudes and dudettes, here's how it all went down. Got up at 0530 and took the bike off the trainer.

Oh, two low tires. No problem, I'll just pump that shit up. Fight with the Silca pump for a bit and got it all aired up.

Ok, should be good to go...ah crap, I still have that damn cheap skewer on the back. Need to get rid of that. Searched for the appropriate skewer for ten minutes on three separate floors of the house. Got it on finally.

Ok, ready to go. Ah shit, I should probably lube the chain. Apply lube.

Alright, now I'm fuckin' ready to go. Wait a minute....Notice the cassette seems loose.

Muthafucker! I just wanna get out the door! Find my lockring tool and chain whip and tighten lockring.

It's still loose! WTF! Alright, that's it. Mountain bike it is.

gwadzilla said...

ride what feels right

I have been spending a good amount of time on my cross bike on paved roads

try to get on dirt when I can

I live in the city
it is not always an option