Monday, June 04, 2007

The Battle up Mt. Neverest - Lewis and Clark Saturday June 2nd

First lap action. Missed the first two riders up the hill. Here's some of the racers grindin' and pushin' up Neverest (in order).

CVO was by far the fastest person up the hill.

Nate was one of two SS's that rode up the hill.


There's a revolution in Missouri.

Here's the other SS that rode up.

Best Facial Expression Winner!

Beav loves mountain bikes! Good job dude.

Nate, you've had some bad luck at Lewis and Clark. Third times a charm.

Charlie telling me to go to hell.


-kw said...

nice! like being there.

scott showen said...

thanks for cheering us on, i was so tired by the time i got to that hill i didn't even try on my last lap.

chris hansen said...

thanks dude!