Monday, May 21, 2007

Summer Commuting Challenge presented by Cornbread


Who: CVO, Skip, RockD, Steve, Wills, Butch, Bonsall, Chapman, Oliver, MG, Regina and myself

What: Commute to work or owe your challengers a 12 oz. beverage (Old Style, High Life or Budweiser, Guinness, or Busch)

When: Memorial Day to Labor Day 2007

Why: Bikes are fun and cars suck

Official rules:

1. You must ride a bicycle to your primary occupation or forfeit a 12 oz. beverage of your opponents' choice on Friday of each week.

2. The 12 oz. beverage may be either Old Style, High Life, Budweiser, Busch or Guinness. You can choose to buy cans and give them to your opponents (
off sale cans/bottles) or buy downtown (encourage Yia Yia's, Oso, Bricktop or O'Rourkes).

3. Kids and injuries are the only excusable reasons to drive to work. Limit five free passes for the duration of the summer.

4. This is the honor system. No proof of riding to work is necessary.

5. If you drive to work, please submit a pic of yourself driving to coreycycle @


3p0 said...

the cheet is out. ohh man. that sucks,

I was plannin on gettin beers from him....

MG said...

i'm thinking about joining in on the fun... i've got a couple more days to decide for sure, but i'll be back with y'all soon.


Cornbread said...

Yeah, let me know MG. Be glad to have ya.

My buddy Oliver from work is in too.

gjc said...

is this a mano-a-mano contest? or do you have to buy for the whole group if you drive?

just wondering...

Cornbread said...

You gotta buy beer for every participant if you drive. Driving just got more expensive. :)

3p0 said...

you gotta have some dicepline to get into this challenge, and survive...

sockrider said...

I've rode everyday this month to work. It's only 1.6 miles one way...but I usually get about 10 a day going to lunch, the store, etc.

Here's the wonderbike pledge, same sorta deal but in a clever marketing way for beer.

They're wimps though, you only have to pleadge to ride to work once a month.

Cornbread said...

Once a month? Damn, that's weak.