Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Summer Commuting Challenge begins today!

Alright, who owes me a beer? I didn't receive any pics via email today, so I'll assume that everyone rode their bicycle to work. Just for a refresher, here are rules.

Who: CVO, Skip, RockD, Steve, Wills, Butch, Bonsall, Chapman, Oliver, MG, Regina and myself

What: Commute to work or owe your challengers a 12 oz. beverage (Old Style, High Life or Budweiser, Guinness, or Busch)

When: Memorial Day to Labor Day 2007

Why: Bikes are fun and cars suck

Official rules:

1. You must ride a bicycle to your primary occupation or forfeit a 12 oz. beverage of your opponents' choice on Friday of each week.

2. The 12 oz. beverage may be either Old Style, High Life, Budweiser, Busch or Guinness. You can choose to buy cans and give them to your opponents (
off sale cans/bottles) or buy downtown (encourage Yia Yia's, Oso, Bricktop or O'Rourkes).

3. Kids and injuries are the only excusable reasons to drive to work. Limit five free passes for the duration of the summer.

4. This is the honor system. No proof of riding to work is necessary.

5. If you drive to work, please submit a pic of yourself driving to coreycycle @ hotmail.com

Can anyone identify these Summer Commuting Challengers?


Anonymous said...


monkeygirl said...

well I see skip and cvo but my problem is I do not have faces attached to all of the names.

gravy said...

Four psychotic umpaloompas?

scott showen said...

i saw that second dude from the left at the rest stop on I-80. he was doing the same thing as the pic to some other guy..

Beerorkid said...


Cornbread said...

It's Butch, CVO, Steve, and Skip.

Well, the Commuting Challenge has claimed it's first victim....I wanna hear the story behind it.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a guiness.

Cornbread said...


mw said...

met a commuter older guy on the trail today. milt. watch out for our brother milt. grey hair, tall white guy. big giant mtb with a rack and blue panier. nice guy. always commutes. takes the bus if it's raining.

mw said...

i got rained on getting around at the lunch hour. you could see the water drying off my pants as additional rain drops hit me. the air is thirsty.

Cornbread said...

It gets dry with those winds.

MG said...

... not much of a story to tell cornbread. started on the bike but by 46th street it was raining hard on me. since i had a 9am meeting, and i work for an advertising agency, where it's very not cool to look like a drowned rat, i chose to turn around, change my clothes and drive in during the am. i rode in after lunch and rode around town with jp after work.

so i did commute on my bike. i just chose not to put myself at a professional disadvantage in the am. if i didn't work as such a vanity driven company, i would've just kept on riding.

so i guess i owe you all a beer. so make it real expensive, 'cuz you know i'll be old stylin' your asses when it's your turn.

Anonymous said...

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