Thursday, May 10, 2007

Son of a tick!

Picked up this little fella at Platte yesterday while walkin' the trail with Jeff and Tom (one cool dude you should meet). We were the THOR presence at Platte on Wednesday getting the trails ready for the Platte six hour race. Sondy and Chapman showed up a bit later and got a lot of mowing done. We got about 3.5 hours of trail maintenance in. Stoked.

The trails are lookin' good, but there is some standing water in the gully and some horse damage in 001. Guess we need to put up a sign that says, "Horses and equestrians will be shot and eaten beyond this point." or something like that to discourage them from riding on the bike trails. The horses went thru when the dirt was soft and did some pretty awful damage to the trail. Probably take a year to smooth back out again. Very frustrating.

Anyways, back to the tick. This fucker hunkered down and didn't want to let go. Busted out the Zippo and tried to roast him off, but that only caused me to burn myself. Thought about using some Vasoline to suffocate him off, but couldn't find any. Must have used it all....... Lit an incense and put it right next to it's noggin'. It backed out and was then promptly lit on fire. Should have gotten video of it goin' up. A jet stream of fire rocketed out of it's arss while charring in the Zippo's flame. Very satisfying.

So be careful out at Platte this weekend. Jeff found several ticks on his clothing during the 3.5 hours. Be sure to do a tick check after the race. Don't forget your nether regions. Recruit a friend to help check those out. Preferably a spouse or significant other. Don't ask me cuz I'll kick you in the junk.

The spot where I was bitten (shoulder) feels fine, but my whole arm feels funny. Kinda crampy and achy. Hopefully that guy didn't have Lyme disease.


samsam said...

Is that tick on your nut's?

Cornbread said...

Yep....errrr, no.

VeloCC said...

I have special tweezers to get ticks off. Originally purchased for the dog but also used on the hubby. Said it didn't hurt, even on more tender spots. Gotta watch out for the bitten area. If a red circle develops around it, it's a bad sign. (as an designator for Lyme disease...) As for tomorrow. I will bring my tweezers. Martin said it doesn't hurt. You get them out alive and whole, which is important and then you can burn them, blow them up r do whatever with them. I H A T E ticks!! After the Perry race poor Mr. W had over 20 on him...