Saturday, May 12, 2007

Battle Royale - The Riders

And they're off! LeMans style start.

That's a lot of lycra.

T-bone - overcame mechanical difficulties early in the race to....well, I'd ya do Troy?

Showen - too fast for my camera. Slow down dude.

Likes: Bikes, beer and boobs.

Emily - One tough gal. Rolled the SS 29er for 7 laps. Wow!

Correction: Ummm...she obviously has a derailleur in this Dee Dee Dee!

Jim - How's the air quality at Platte? Great race!

These two shared a bike and a helmet for the race.

Real friends share sweaty athletic equipment.

Jim Craig - "Let's go for 12 hours!".

The heat will do funny things to ya.

Mod - Are you wearing booties? Big pimpin'!

Still believes in the Easter Bunny.

Supa Fast Don Raskey - the name says it all. Punched out laps faster than anyone.

CVO - Damn dude! Eight laps! Hellz yeah!

Lives on beef jerky, broccoli, salmon and Cokes.

Charlie - "Oh SHIT!" moment captured. Way to land it! Thought you were goin' down.

Wants to get a teardrop tatoo.

Kev - Big wheel mutha brutha!

Serves a mean cup of coffee and pastries at 0530 from his garage.

Jim Winklepleck - The Dark Knight rides! Great race!

Coach - Helluva race. Amazing finish.

He will eat your soul!

Tim - 1st place SS. Another outstanding race.

Not the first time he's done 10 laps at Platte.

Jeff Kerkove - Thanks for coming to the race! Hope to see ya at Branched Oak 12 hour in a couple of weeks.

Matt Wills - 2nd place SS.

Inspiration. Nuff said.

Kory - flyin' in the Gully. Take no prisoners!

JB GB. Knees held up for a great race. Bravo!

Member of the Lincoln Chapter of the Masochistic Brotherhood.

Sam - punchin' out laps like Tyson on the blingle speed.

Stand back! His calves are gonna explode!

Dale - havin' fun on the SS 29er rigid.

Steve - rockin' the Rasta!

Brian - he can run, he can bike. What can't he do?

Kevin - the overall winner

Gutsy performance.

Darin lookin' good at the front of the pack to start the race.

Nate - the future is now! Rasta Power!

A "Junior" rider that's not so junior in skillz.

That's all the pics I have. Sorry if I missed ya on the race course. Check out Tom Winfield's website for more pics. John Petersen will also have some pics too.

Thanks to all the participated and volunteered. Over 70 riders raced today. Another successful local endurance event!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Thanks for a great event! Sorry, no 12 hour for me....I am heading to Ohio for the Mohican 100.

3p0 said...

cornbread, thanks for all the pics and the holla's through the day.

see ya soon buddy

MOD said...

Dude, the easter bunny is so NOT real, but unicorns are totally living large at Platte. Did you see what they did to the trails?

Nice pics, thanks for the cheers!