Saturday, May 12, 2007

Battle Royale - The Race Organizers and Volunteers

The God Father - "Mother Hen to Big Bird. Get me a burger. Over."

The muscle guarding the God Father with their.....shovels?

Skip, Matt, Jeff and Brock - this is some serious shit, mang.

RockD - Emergency Medical Massage Therapist

Matt on the mic. He sang the Eagles Greatest hits all day. Yep, that was him.

Jeff keepin' shit on track.

Brock - The Official man with a stop watch thingy jobber dealie-yo.

Skip with the NEW EnduroSnob Hand Saw and Screw Driver grilling utensil set (patent pending).

Foreman's got nothin' on you!

Big shout out all all the folks that helped get the course ready for the race and also volunteered to help out today (didn't get pics of all the volunteers, but you know who you are). Thanks for all your hard work. The course looked great. Hope everyone had an enjoyable experience.


MOD said...

Thanks for putting on a sweet race, the cheers through the start/finish was awesome and skip threw down on grill. should'a triple stacked it!

Cornbread said...

Glad you enjoyed it Mod. Good to see ya out there. Thanks for coming out. Lookin' forward to more fun at the 12 Hour.

Burger King's got nothing on the triple stacked Battle Royale Burger.