Thursday, May 03, 2007

The IT band Sux

Hey Bonsall. This is our problem.

I've been dealin' with it since I was 12. This is much more common in taller individuals who have a quick growth spurt (yep, that's me). Damn you genetics!

Had to quit running because of it. Now the problem has found me in cycling. Gonna start some mild stretching again. I've been slacking for quite some time with the stretching and I paid the price.


Neve_r_est said...

You too, eh? I think I earned mine from doing a half ironman with no run training a couple of years ago, and stirred it back up with the Sebring 24h this past February. Definitely putting some kinks in my racing this year.


Cornbread said...

Not surprised that you have the problem too Dennis.

I'm gonna give the physical therapy one more honest effort. If it doesn't work, surgery.

VeloCC said...

ahhh, sometimes it is good to be shrimpy as Martin calls me:))
But seriously, sorry to hear about your knee. Get serious with the stretching so you can get back on the trails Cornbread

MaGGiE's said...

or try a yoga class- less severe than surgery,eh?

Cornbread said...

My massage therapist recommended yoga as well. Know any good classes Maggie?

MaGGiE's said...

i teach thursday nights at the downtown ymca - come try it out! its a really mellow laid back class- lots of gentle stretches.
ps put me in the bike challenge- labor day isnt that far off....should be no problem!