Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dirty Kanza 2007

Lincoln Chapter of the Machocistic Brotherhood starring...

Matt Wills
Fixed Soulcraft Holy Roller custom 29er
Lincoln, NE

Jeff Bonsall
SS Inpendent Fabrication custom 29er
Lincoln, NE

Matt Gersib
One by nine Salsa El Mariachi
Lincoln, NE

Skip Cronin
Single Speed Independent Fabrication Ti Planet Cross custom
Lincoln, NE

Off we went into the Kansas countryside searching for the meaning of life.

BLUE RIBBON: Turn here.

Temperatures were mild with projected winds 15 - 20 mph from the South for most of the day. The wind was in our favor for a majority of the first three hours.

Many fields of wheat along the way.

Checkpoint #1
Mile 50
Madison, KS
Population 853

Quick stop in Madison and then off on the next 50 to the next checkpoint in Cottonwood Falls.

The hills began around mile 60.

Cameron Chambers pushin' up a long slow steep loose punishing climb. <---new record for number of adjectives prefacing one word

Skip and I met up with him around mile 70. Always a pleasure to see the guy.

Stunningly fantastic views that went on for miles on crest of the hills.

Ran into The Cattle Gauntlet for a couple of miles.

Method of attack: make some noise and keep on pedalin'.

Mission accomplish with no causalities.

Checkpoint #2
Mile 99.28
Cottonwood Falls
Population 966

After a 20 - 25 minute break, we take off on the 55 mile loop back to Cottonwood Falls.

Yeah, there were some hills......and of course, the steady resounding headwind from the South.

Skip and I link up with the another fast and strong Cameron from Kansas. He went on to finish shortly ahead of Skip and I. Great guy.

Skip and I enter the town of Cedar Point with Cameron. Don't blink.

There were many colorful species of wild flowers along the 200 miles.

Checkpoint #3
Mile 159.70
Cottonwood Falls

Drumstick for Skip, Pizza and energy drinks for Matt, Ritz bitz, Red Bull and a Slim Jim for me.

Refuel and back on the bike. Quick and efficient stop.

Skip and I take off for Emporia with Matt right behind.

Found a beautiful quiet little lake North West of Emporia in the final 30 miles of the ride.

Also found one mutha of a hill on the southeast side of the lake. Ugh.

Suns goes down and the lights go on.

Finished around 10 pm. Sprinted past a guy that passed Skip and I on the edge of town. I'll let Skip elaborate. Skip was 10th overall and 2nd SS behind Cameron Chambers. I finish 8th overall and 7th in the open category. MG was shortly behind. Matt and Jeff finished together soon after MG.

Thanks for your help Skip. Couldn't have done it without ya.

Thanks Jeff, Matt and MG. That was a lot of fun. Glad to be there with ya. Really lookin' forward to the next one.

Final distance above. Took a few wrong turns in Cottonwood Falls on the loop back into town.

Awesome race. Course was clearly marked and had a plethora of gravel, rocks, small quaint towns, free roaming cattle, empty Busch Light cans, and stream crossings. My hat goes off to the race organizers at Heartland Racing. They always do an outstanding job. I'll be back next year.


Endurosnob said...

Great post.

mw said...

great post and great job finishing cornbread. you guys had a great all day pace. what a beautiful day for riding all day...

Taugimba said...

Nice job getin' it done in Kansas!

VeloCC said...

Corey, that is awesome that you and your knees made it. VERY COOL!!!!
Dreaming about doing it next year:)

MOD said...

YES! nice work dude, that's awesome.

sweet pics too, can't wait to here the stories.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Damn it! That's it! I am so doing this next year.

Guitar Ted said...

Good job, thanks for all the pics. I know it's not easy to think about that when you're crankin' out that kinda mileage.

Congrats on a fine effort.

(I told Kerkove he should go. Never listens to me, I tell ya!)

MG said...

thanks for the story and pics, and for all the coachin', supplies and tips during the race cornbread. i learned a lot from all four of you guys, and now that i don't hurt as much as i did yesterday, i'm actually thinking that i might actually be crazy enough to do the dk200 next year!

thanks most of all for encouraging me to finish the race out and not pack it in at mile 155. i'd have been awfully disappointed with myself... thanks again.

and nice riding too. you're a freaking hammer cornbread.


oh, btw -- i was on my el mariachi, not my dos niner. i might try the 'cross bike next year though...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics cornbread.

that was a glorious ride.

Cornbread said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Every dog has his day.

Big thanks goes out to everyone that nursed my knees back into shape after TI (RockD, Heather Hall, and all of my friends).

MG, you're the real stud. Don't know of anyone else who would wake up at 2 am puking violently and then get up a few hours later and ride 200 miles. I really don't know how you did it. That is true inspiration my man. It helped me get thru the race cuz I kept tellin' myself, "Well, at least I wasn't pukin' last night like MG. Now pedal damn it!"

This is definitely a race worth putting on your calender a year in advance. Why not get two very long gravel grinders in before Memorial Day? Plan for TI and DK in 2008 now.

MG said...

thanks cornbread. i'm glad it turned out the way it did.

Paul said...


It was great meeting you! Awesome race! I look forward to hanging out with the Lincoln again soon!

annie said...

Wow! You guys rocked it. Loved the pics and adjectives. The scenery looked very inviting, not a better way to ride.

Paddy Humenny said...

fine riding, see ya there next year.

Cornbread said...

Hope to see y'all out there next year riding with me.

sockrider said...

Damn, hats off to you. That's a crap load of miles.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hey, I've just ordered an El Mariachi from the New Zealand dealer. Can't wait to take it for a spin. What a great ride ride fellas. Next thing RAAM? Cheers. Paul.