Sunday, May 13, 2007

Battle Royale - The Mud in The Gully

Yeah, there was some mud and standing water in The Gully. You gotta expect that after all the rain from last week. Fortunately, this was the worst of it. The rest of the course was primo.

Paul, lookin' for some glasses and a water bottle.

This poor guy lost his prescription glasses in the puddle. We looked for awhile, but draggin' a shovel thru the muck didn't seem to be very effective.

He almost made it. Did a nice track stand for a couple of seconds in that pose.

Impromptu trail maintenance at it's best. THOR!

Nice work fellas!

RockD, Paul, Skip and myself moving dirt, mud and sand to create a "line" to the left.

Jeff likes to get dirty.


3p0 said...

I'm glad I didn't just blow through that end puddle...

did that guy ever find his glasses?

I'll bet he had to basicly get on his hands and knees to dig through there... bummer

LoupGarou said...

Thanks to all of you guys for all the hard work you put into the race.

VeloCC said...

Cory, that pictures of Paul "fishing" for the glasses, is about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time:D
Good thing, I kept trying to find my line to the left of that puddle. Wouldn't want to have messed up those nice glasses.

Cornbread said...

Thanks for coming out to the race loupgarou! 12 Hour is callin' your name!

CC, I love that pic too. :) Too bad we couldn't find those glasses.