Saturday, May 26, 2007

Almost ready to go

I really hate all the prep work needed for a race. Spent the last three hours gettin' ready to go. The fact I'm a procrastinator doesn't help. The problem is, I wore myself out gettin' ready. Hopefully I'll perk up after hittin' the mud.

Lookin' forward to hangin' out with some out of towners at the race. Heard there's a bunch of Iowans coming to the race from across the river. Look out!

Put the new Bontrager XR's on the IF. The WTB Nano I had on the back had a terrible wobble. Third one that's happened to. WTF? Anyways, we'll see how clean the bike looks after the race.

Spent a lot of time trying to find shit in my toolbox. I really need to organize that damn thing and figure out how many tools I'm missing.

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