Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Almost game time

The Summer Commuting Challenge is shaping up. Tuesday will be the first official day of competition. Ride to work or owe 9 beers on Friday. So far there are ten participants. Let me know if you wanna join.

The Summer Commuting's like a backhand fist to the face!


MG said...

... make that 10 beers. i'm in. but since i don't have kids, my exemption is that i can only drive if i have to fly out that day on business travel (and need to drive to the airport). (still a limit of 5 total for the summer.) how's that sound?

i better cancel my parking garage spot, 'eh? that'll be an extra $60 in my pocket each month. wonder what i could buy with that extra cash??? hmmm...


Cornbread said...

Sweet! Driving to the airport from work is also an exception (limit 5 for the summer). You're all good buddy.

Remember, I make the rules of this deal. Muhahaha!