Monday, April 30, 2007

5 pounds of summer sausage

There will be a lot of things to remember about Trans Iowa V3. I sit here and think about some of those memories and find myself dazing off for minutes at a time. Memories of interesting conversations with interesting people, beautiful scenery, deafening wind, the sunrise, the sunset and the stars, deer racing us across a field and gracefully jumping a fence with ease as we slowly ground up a long climb, all the different bike set ups that were run during the race, a women asking me if I was on stilts, the difficulty of stringing together coherent sentences after the sun went down, a wild turkey flying to the treetops, friendly rural kids eager to wave and say hi, silence and the sound of gravel, one motorist at the start of the race tellin' us we're fuckin' crazy, sitting at a crossroads with my travel companions and rationalizing the correct way to go and finally guessing correctly, the strength and courage of my friends, lessons learned, and finally disappointment.

Maybe the sleep deprivation and all the shitty gas station food eaten in the past 72 hours has gotten to me, but I don't seem to want to do anything else but sit here and reminisce. Some of these memories are difficult to recollect, but 99.9% are pure joy.

Probably my favorite memory will be of a guy named Matt Braun who carried a 5 pound log of summer sausage and a one pound block of cheese to start the race and finished with the sausage still in tote. He doesn't realize it, but I learned a lot from him in the brief interaction I had with the guy.

After being gone for three days, there's almost an overwhelming amount of catch up that needs to be done. Call the family and friends and give them the scoop, laundry, clean the truck, drop off borrowed goods, pay back good friends for their help, answer emails, plan the work week and the next weekend of events, go shopping for groceries, etc.

Fuck it. It's 80 plus degrees outside. I'm gonna go ride for a bit.


Neve_r_est said...

Nice work, Cory. You've got it right.


MG said...

i'm proud of ya' cornbread. sounds like you had quite an experience.

sorry your knee was giving you fits.


VeloCC said...

Cory, awesome job on you race. Next time you will finish! Love your writing; sounds like a poem. Very Cool:) There must be something about these long distance races that brings these tings out in people. Wish, I would be up for that one day.
Maybe you should have taken some of your cornbread:)

Endurosnob said...

Such a good call about the cornbread, velocc!!

3p0 said...

dude, congrats on having a fun weekend.

and congrats on your ride.

I'll see ya soon.

sydney_b said...

no doubt. get out and ride. the dirty laundry will wait for u. :)