Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's one thing you would do if you didn't feel pain?

I'm sure many of you heard about this story today. There are two families in Pakistan that have a defective gene for a protein essential for the neurotransmitters that activate pain receptors in the brain. To put it plainly, they don't feel pain. None.

So you might think this would be a cool defect, but in reality it really would suck. Pain is a good thing. It warns us when we're doing something stupid. Like racing a bike for 12 hours or crashing after trying to ride something out of our ability.

After reading the article, I wondered how my life would be different if I had this mutation. What would I do now if I had this mutation? Well, I probably would have killed myself a long time ago. Much like the 14 year old afflicted with this defect after he jumped off the roof of his house (I'm sure on a dare).

So what's one thing I would do now if I had this mutation for only a day? Not sure, but I can think of a few things.

*get a tattoo
*walk on hot coals
*fight Mike Tyson
*run a marathon
*get a deep tissue massage
*wax my legs
*shoot 1,000 rounds with high powered rifles
*jump off the top deck of Woods pool
*take 10,000 cuts in a batting cage
*ride my bike 24 hours straight

How about you?


sydney_b said...

not being able to feel pain .... i'm surprised there's even a family at all. i mean, how does one survive long enough to reproduce w/o pain to teach you a few lessons?

hmm. what would i do if i couldn't feel pain...yet remain mortal.

I'm not sure pain has been a very effective deterrent for me, except in the case of growing roses and other thorned plants. So, I guess if I couldn't feel pain, I might consider helping my mom with a much larger rose garden.

Now.... what would you do if you weren't scared of heights... now that's a question.

Cornbread said...

Heights freak me out too. Skydiving would probably cure that. Maybe this year I'll do it.

Beerorkid said...

I dropped out at 13,000 feet strapped to a marine medic. it was fricking awesome.

Awesome post. Please do not wax your legs.

Sux they do not allow you to jump off 3rd tower any more :(

3p0 said...

skydiving is purdy easy, it's the jumping part that freaks you out,

climb a communications tower some day, now that's height fun..

pain.. I think you'd still get that sensation of working hard, I think you'd still feal that stress in your breathing and lungs. maybe not,
you'd think you'd still get that innner pain. just not the touch pain. like fealing when it's too cold outside, or too hot out...or being cut.

hmm, I'd save a lot on annistesia.. those guys are exspensive. check out the bill next time you go under.

no pain hmmmm,
fuck with dogs more...
I can't think of much.
make money at stupid bar bets..