Thursday, December 14, 2006

One step forward, two steps back

Sick once again. Sinus and chest cold. Blowing out and coughing up greenish brown crud. I'm blaming my pussy immune system. Yes, my immune system sux. Probably all the heavy metals in the water at D street. Or it could be the toxic mold in the shower. Or maybe all the asbestos in the basement. Or the maybe it's the fungus and mold in the basement. Who knows.

I hate missing work when I'm sick. I prefer to use my sick days for really nice days I wanna ride. CVO, DK, and I had a conversation about this last night. CVO told me about what he heard on NPR. A lot of Americans go to work sick when they shouldn't be there, but there's also a large percentage of Americans that call in sick when they're not. I'm guilty of both.

Being sick always complicates things at work. I work with older adults with chronic medical conditions on a daily basis. Some are very sick people with short life expectancies. Do I go to work and risk infecting them? No way. Even the smallest cold could turn into pneumonia in this population. Pneumonia, is one of the leading causes of death of the elderly. So even though I feel fine, besides the constant runny nose and coughing spells, I went home from work today. May not even go into work tomorrow. My boss wasn't too happy with me, but I'm doing the right thing. The patient's come first. Shit, I don't wanna burn up my time bank and lose pay and I especially don't wanna indirectly kill someone. So why do I feel so guilty for leaving work?


3p0 said...

dude, I think you did the right thing, I'd be way bummed if my dentist came to work with a bad cold, or had a bad coughing fit in the middle of work. not cool.

shit, Chad and I get bummed at each other when we show up sick, cuz the other guy is just gonna get it..

sorry if I get you sick Hoss...

Same with my dr. If I went in to see that guy and he was sick, I'd be like... wtf. I can handle being posponed or my apointment reschedualed cuz the dr. was sick...

it happens.

and you working with older more susepipal people (whoa, butchered that spelling...), it's just wise.

and you've got an out. you can go to your boss and say hey, I've got these symptoms, I cough this much, this often, I have a cold and I'm infectious. I shouldn't be here. and I'm out...

it's a bad situation to be in, but I think you made the right decision.

if you were healthy, and you went to the dr. or dentist would you want them to touch and examine you in the conditon your in? what about if you went out to eat and the cook was as sick. not good.

your a good man cornbread, shits going around and everyone knows it..

get a good nights sleep, I'm almost over my crud, and soon you will be too.

Cornbread said...

Thanks CVO. Woke up today feeling much better. I should since I spent $40 on antibiotics.

3p0 said...

I got through it without antibiotics, that should even make you proud.

my back still hurts from coughin a bit in the am when I get up. gotta hit the ibuprofin

Cornbread said...

I admire you toughin' it thru without the antibiotics, but I needed them. Can't miss too much work.

I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but it's pretty damn funny that you thru you back out coughing. I've pulled an abdominal muscle coughing before, so I know you pain.