Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holiday

Well, another Xmas has come and gone. I spent it in Ohio with the family and friends. Haven't seen most of them in almost year. It was great to hang out and do basically nothing except eat, watch movies, bullshit and laugh. Here are some random pics of my holiday.

Jake teaches Jenna how to pick.

The ride home from the airport. Surprise! It's gloomy and raining! No snow in Cleveland in December? Something is seriously wrong.

This cat loves me and smart wool socks.

The three cats of the house. Buster, Crazy Maize and Miss Molly.

Samantha likes cameras. She actually figured out how to use it and took a couple of pics of the floor. Pretty damn smart for a 16 month old.

My Dad. Don't fuck with him.

My Mom. Nuff said.

My bro. What a dork. Hehehe.

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