Monday, December 04, 2006


It may be propaganda, but you can't deny many of the facts in the movie. Two years later, it's still scary....and only becoming more powerful. Watch it again and ask yourself if you really believe we invaded Iraq for a just cause and the lives lost in Iraq, from all nations including Iraq, have been lost "defending freedom". Then ask yourself if you'd be willing to sacrifice your life to defend George's so called "freedom". Why did we go there and why are we still there? Are the Iraqi people better off?

It disgusts me to no end.


3p0 said...

you should listen to npr's report yesterday about soldiers with mental problems comming back home,

the armed services diagnoses them with ptsd post tramatic stress syndrom, and then they try to get rid of them by saying they are bad soldiers not showing up for duty on time, or lettin them go to counciling,

if they leave the army becuase of mental problems due to war, it cost the government a lot, but, if they can get rid of you cuz you were late for formation or your uniform wasn't pressed or you didn't shave, it cost them almost nothing..

purdy pathetic,

fight our war, fuck yourself up, then get swept under the matt and forgotten by society.

the only differnce between this and vietnam, we're not spittin on them or calling them baby killers when they get home...

yeah, makes me sick, and I'd never recomend going into the armed service to anyone, cuz they will fuck you.

Cornbread said...

Michael Moore may be a fat wind bag, but he hits the nail on the head for several socio-economic issues in this movie.

For example, asking Congressmen and women to sign their kids up for military service.

BUTCH said...

That is just sad.