Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Congrats, YOU are the Time Magazine Person of the Year

Yep, Time picked YOU as their Person of the Year. Thanks to the bloggers, MySpacers, YouTubers, Amazonians, Wikipedians, etc. for their contributions in creating the great Web 2.0. It's hard to deny the impact of blogs, etc. in the past year. This new user dominated web may have been responsible for ousting the GOP. Power to the people.

The impact of the user content driven web is apparent in Lincoln. The FFL blog is responsible for developing and shaping the local cycling scene. It's brought together hundreds of like minded people with one purpose...have fun riding bikes.

So, it's kinda hard to argue Times' pick. They got it right.

So who is your personal person of the year? I'm still in debate.


sydney_b said...

Coupla good points u have Cornbread. The Daily Show made fun of the "you" selection, but now I'm rethinking it a bit.

fob said...

I plan on putting Time Person of the Year 2006 on my resume.

Cornbread said...

Yeah, at first I thought it was bullshit, but after thinking about how all the Web 2.0 has affected the local cycling scene, it's kinda hard not to go with it.

I remember about a month or so ago, CVO, myself and someone else were sittin' on the EP bridge when an unknown mountain biker rolled by. He was in his probably in his forties and relatively new to riding at the park. He was stoked to see us and started chattin' away. He knew CVO without ever meeting him and said he loved the blog and all the sweet videos of rides thru Wilderness. No doubt, Steve's vids helped this guy explore the park on his bike. Fuckin' awesome.