Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Morning Bacon Ride

Another great bacon ride today. Skip, Wills and I met at D street at 5. Left the Hotel by 5:10. A bit chilly out at first, but we quickly warmed up. There was a lot of fog once we got out of town. Visibility was less than 20 yards. Tried taking some pictures, but the fog was too thick.

Made good time to platte and ran into CC and Martin. They informed us of the situation on the trials. Too muddy to ride? Oh well, let's eat. Held myself to one plate as not to suffer on the way home. Worked out great. Back in Lincoln by a little after noon.

Dawn was just startin' by the time we hit A street on the Mopac.

Attempted photo of.....something. Nothin' but fog.

The sunrise was especially orange today.

Dude....that's trippy man....

Sweet cloud action.

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