Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh, it happened

Sorry Nate. I had to post about it to make it official.

We rode today. Out to Platte and back. Matt Pewthers and I headed off from the D Street Hotel at 0430 and met up with Wills and Butch at Wills' place around 0445. From there we headed off to Kevin's place. After an unfortunate and inadvertent mud incident, we cleaned up at Kevin's (thanks for the use of the hoes Kevin, and I do mean hoes). Then off to Platte. A little rain hit us, but only a few sprinkles. Not bad.

Rolled up to the park to see several people standin' around in street clothes. Not a good sign. The park was wet and unridable. Oh well, I'm hungry. Off to breakfast. The Platte River State Park breakfast buffet was great as usual. Mod, Pancakes, Omaha Butch and someone else I didn't know (sorry dude) joined us.

Kevin convinced Nate to ride back with us and he headed home in Nate's truck with a slab of Wedding cake. We rolled back into town around noon and Matt made it to work on time. Mission accomplished. Had lots of fun hangin' out and bullshitin' and lookin' forward to the next one.

Oh yeah, here's a pic of Mr. T in a sombrero. Why? Why not?


BUTCH said...

How bout some nerdy nasa stuff instead of hot asian chicks in bikinis with guns. Not that hot asian chicks in bikinis with guns isn't cool, but i mean what about some nasa stuff with the graphs and the colors and the satellites ummmgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Cornbread said...

Hehehe...I can't seem to find that website anymore. I'll keep lookin' on google.

3p0 said...

why be sorry about bloggin about a bike ride?

why would somebody be bummed about people bloggin about bike riding?

Cornbread said...

Nobody is bummed. I'm just givin' Nate shit for sayin', "If no one blogs it, it didn't happen.". I thought that was witty.