Saturday, August 05, 2006

I believe him

Landis' B sample came back positive for a high ratio (11:1) of testosterone to epitestosterone. It also tested positive for exogenous testosterone. Landis claims he is innocent. I believe him.

One question at hand is the definition of guilt. To be guilty, in my opinion, he would of knowingly taken exogenous testosterone. Another definition of guilt would be if the sample is positive, period. So this is where to conspiracy theories start. Let's look at some facts.

  • The Tour de France has been won 8 consectitive times by American riders which irritates some French Tour organizers
  • Landis held the yellow jersey for three stages prior to his stage 17 performance and tested clean for all those stages
  • Landis uses a PowerTap rear hub that monitors average, peak and total power output in wattage throughout the stage
  • Landis had an unusually low power output on stage 16 of the Tour when he lost over 10 minutes to the stage winner
  • Landis had an average power output day (his usual wattage numbers for a stage with climbing) on stage 17 of the Tour when he finished 5 minutes ahead of all other riders
  • Two of the Tour's top high profile climbers (Ulrich and Basso) were pulled from the Tour prior to the start
  • Exogenous testosterone can be consumed orally, by intramuscular injection, or transdermally
  • The UCI policy uses the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone, not the absolute values
  • Landis also drank a significant amount of alcohol after his stage 16 performance
  • Exogenous testosterone is made from plant sterols (soy)
A lot of people are talkin' about how suspicious Landis' performance was on stage 17 and are quick to write him off. Well, look at the facts above and think it over. I'm quick to be suspicious too, but not about Landis. There are so many ways to spike his samples. Jeez, he could have been given a massage with some spiked oils. It's that easy. Or maybe the alcohol did it.

In my opinion, the next step would be to take both samples and test them in several independent laboratories across the globe. The UCI labs are in Paris, France. Let the US Antidoping Agency test the samples.


mw said...

my understanding is the ratio is off. yeah, ok. so what is low and what is high. if the one thing is low then the other's gonna look high in relation. right?

uh, and, the blog looks tight.

Cornbread said...

Yep, they only gave us relative numbers, no the absolute values. His absolute values could be normal.

Also, the low value could be due to his woeful performance in stage 16. Maybe his body used a lot of epitestosterone overnight for recovery. Or maybe all the alcohol he drank the night after stage 16 increased his testosterone levels above UCI ratio regulation. And maybe he ate some plant sterols which could have indicated a positive result for exogenous testosterone. Too many maybe's for me.

Oh, thanks for the compliment. Hopefully all the bugs are worked out in the script.

BUTCH said...

Me too and mostly just because he lets Mic Mars carry his stuff.

BUTCH said...

Plus, I have heard that Landis can manual like a motherfucker and that puts him above any of those other roadies in my book.

You try to manual a time trial bike across a finish line and they will be sure to test you for drugs.

BUTCH said...

Oh and your tent came in and is behind the counter at C.W.

Cornbread said...

LOL! Thanks Butch.