Saturday, August 19, 2006

He's the shit

This has been a long time comin'. He is without a doubt, the most influental man in Lincoln for the bicycling community.....Ladies and Gentlemen.....Mr. C, V, Ohhhhhhhhhh!


3p0 said...

hey I know that kid, don't trust him, he's evil,
and he's up to no good,

that last picture, I was there with him, satatnic mother fucker, dancing around in smoke and fire.

worshipin the devil..

pure evil that boy. I sence the dark side in him...

fuckin hooligan.

and when you see him.

I guarantee, if he's not behind the wheel of a vehicle
he's drunk,
or on his way to being drunk,
or on his way to the hospital.

thanks cornbread,

scott showen said...

whos this guy ?

3p0 said...

isn't it about time for you to update your blog and get this shithead off the top?

Cornbread said...

Shit. You're so modest.

mg said...

... and he'll still be a huge influence, even with a broken leg!

Cornbread said...

Shit. Hope I didn't jinx ya CVO.