Saturday, August 12, 2006


Just got back from the Swanson pre-race pre-ride and Dirt Demo. Skip and I headed up at 9 am to strategically avoid the agro racers. Had a great time and ran into some of the MTB Omaha crew. Rode three laps and called it good. That place rocks.

As I was walkin' in the house I noticed something on my bike. What's that? A crack. There's two good sized cracks on the top tube/seat tube weld. So I guess I'm gonna finish off the year on it and send it back as a warranty during the winter. Bummer. It only took a year and three months to crack it. I suspect Landahl is the culprit. I'm very surprised to see a crack in the frame. The guys and gals at IF are the shit and make amazing bikes. I'm sure it's just a fluke. I feel bad for having to send it back in.

So now I have yet another reason NOT to "burp it!".


DD said...

Dang! Sorry about the "fissure".
Speaking of fis(h)ures, my yellow bike cracked in a similar place a few weeks ago. I was riding Landahl the day before the crack, and was finishing up a ride at Krug.
Must be a "big skinny" phenomenon at Landahl.
Anyway, hope to see you on the trail soon.

cominatcha said...

Put some tit screws in that tit. It will be ok. Let's see i've got a fissured hip with tit screws, collar bone, arm x 2, wrist, ear, and anywhere from 100-150 stitches and I'm still rideable. Life expectancy is around 75!

mg said...

whoa... major bummer. good thing ti is repairable, 'eh? i'm gonna' go home and look at the ti bonty's welds tonight...

Cornbread said...

I hear ya Dave. Too much torque I guess. We need gussets at all the welds.

MG, I'm not sure if IF will repair or just make me another frame. Hopefully they'll just make another one and put a big ole gusset where my old one cracked. Or even better yet, make me a Tungston Electrode 29er. Drool.

Tit screws? I need to get me some tit screws. Are they kinda like a pearl necklace or a brown necktie?

Cornbread said...

Oh by the way Dave, I'm beginning to think we were separated at birth. Seriously.