Monday, June 19, 2006

One pin down, two to go.

Went in to my Orthopedic surgeon today for what I thought was removal of all the pins in my left hand. Nope. Just one was removed. He wants to get another week out of the remaining pins to ensure proper healing. Yeah, proper healing would be nice. So, I guess I'll just grin and bare it.

Funny story (at least funny to me)...I removed my splint before going down to my appointment. I knew they were going to remove it, so I figured I might as well save them the trouble. Bad idea. Now I'm labeled as a bad patient. As soon as I walked in there I was greeted with looks of astonishment.

Them: "What happened to your cast?"
Me: Umm, I took it off.
Them: "I can see that. Why would you do that?"
Me: Cuz it sucked. And I knew you were gonna take it off anyways.
Them: "Take a seat and wait for the doctor."
Me: Ahh, okay.

So after removing my splint I was greeting to a nasty apparition that was once my hand. All the skin was pasty white in various states of sloughing off. Then there was the smell. Kinda reminded me of some sort of cheese product, but not appealing at all. The site of the pin implants has become infected and has been oozing purulent drainage (yum). So now I'm on more powerful antibiotics four times a day.

The good news, this splint is much smaller and the end of the road is near. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the mountain bike and off road again.


Endurosnob said...

You're like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she gets labeled a bad patient. You need to grab that clipboard and make a run for it.

Cornbread said...

Running? there's an idea.

3p0 said...

it's gonna be good to have my riding and racing buddy back...

Cornbread said...

It's gonna be good to be back wit ya.

pcakes said...

Glad to hear the road of pins and splints is nearing an end. I look forward to seeing you on the trails soon!

Oh and that smell you are talking about is rank! It IS hard to describe, but it is nothing I will forget. Man i am almost gagging just thinking about it, blaaa!