Thursday, June 22, 2006

NYC bound

Headin' to NYC for the weekend. One of the perks of my job is relatively frequent travel to conferences in bigger cities across the US and Canada. In the past two months I've been to Pheonix, Vancover and now NYC. The best part of the whole deal is the flight, hotel, ground transportation, food and entertainment are FREE. I usually don't spend a penny. I kinda feel guilty about the whole deal cuz the drug companies that are payin' for this are also rapin' Grandma and Grandpa at the drug store. Ethically, I would like to ban going to these, but I am required for my job. So I gave up on carrying the guilt. No use carrying it around. Besides, I usually make up for it in other ways while at work.

See everyone when I get back. Goin' to a Yankees game tomorrow night. Look for me in the left field stands. I'll be the tall geeky lookin' dude who is drunk off his ass hangin' with JayZ, PDiddy and Beyonce.

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ZDogg said...

I love New York, my mom lived there for like 8 years. If you read this in time Planet Thai in Williamsburg Brooklyn...The bomb awesome food, sushi and a D.J. pretty sweet. You can Zaggat guide the address. Sam Sam and I went there on our Gay pride road trip. Ask those motherfuckers if they still have my yellow Lowe Alpine shell I left on the barstool.