Monday, June 26, 2006

The Last Pin

Went to get my final two pins pulled from my hand this morning in hopes of returning to normalcy by getting back on the bike, back to the batting cages, back to the shooting range and back to my summer fun. Well, at least that was the plan. The first came out great about a week ago after a little infection creeped in. The second pin came right out earlier today after my doc finally found the right tool. The third and final pin? Well the third and final pin decided to migrate deeper into my hand. And why the fuck not? Might as well go out swingin' if you're gonna go. That pin has ballz.

The pin and I started our relationship four weeks ago. It was screwed in thru my fifth metacarpal head and into the fourth with a power drill in the St. E's operating room. Well now it's buried in the fifth, thru the forth and jabbing the third metacarpal. Let me tell ya, it feels Grrrrrrreat!

My doc tried for quite some time to fish it out by stratching his head and my fifth metacarpal head, but to no avail. I tried to offer a few clever and creative suggestions on how to get the pin out, but my doc wasn't goin' for it. So, Wednesday morning I go back in to get it cut out. More surgery. Jeez. Definitely gonna reach my out of pocket maximum for my insurance this year. Also gonna have a couple holes in my hand for a week or so and probably a couple of good scars as a reminder of that last pin.

Not much I can do except laugh and be thankful I didn't get hurt worse when I hit that tree.


MOD said...

That's it dude!

I've heard enough

The Tree is gonna pay up, big time.

3p0 said...

so, are you commin tonight?

are you still down for going to Nationals with Butchy and I in July?

see ya at oso

3p0 said...

dude, with all you've told me about your problems with this doctor,

I really want to know his name,

so I never ever go to him.

and you know me, I know my way around the hospitals. I've got a great family Dr. and a super good, fix by broken body dr.

Dr. Reckmeyer.

you dude,

your gettin screwed. litteraly.

seriously, tell me his name, so I can avoid him like flesh eating bacteria...

Beerorkid said...

holy crap dude.

I was shaking in my seat from being so grossed out reading that. It is good you have such a postitive attitude about it.

but after the surgery you should be good to go right?

you are a trooper.

scott showen said...

corey, don't be such a pussy.

Cornbread said...

Scott Showen as a blog name, how original.

ZDogg said...

Guys no fighting amongst ourselves...there are plenty of triathaletes to be dealt with.

Cornbread said...

Good point Zdogg.